Sunset view points

Rabindranath Tagore Beach, Karwar.

    Tourists often visit beaches for enjoying bath but there is always an enthusiasm to experience the golden touch of sunrises and sunsets. They yearn to have photographs at these special moments to make them memorable. In order to enjoy the moment which does not last for hours and ensure that they don't miss the opportunity many of them reach the vantage points much earlier and plan their moments. The moment when the sun disappears in the sea and mesmerising colour changes is a rare opportunity which make the destination very attractive.

A place where u can witness the sky meeting the wide-spread sea, A beautiful line of the western coast & then the unforgettable view of the sunset. This is how we can best describe the Rabindranath Tagore Beach of Karwar..!!



Kali River Bridge view point, Kodibag (3.7 km from Karwar city).

The Kali river bridge, built over the Kali river at Kodibag, Karwar, is one of the best places which is surrounded by Western Ghats, beautified by the tiny-appearing islands in the near vicinity, and the view of sun blushing crimson at the brink of Arabian sea making it intensely charming and beautiful. Youngsters and the aged-ones love spending time with their friends and breathe some fresh air to relax their mind and body.



Til mati beach, Majali, Karwar. (10 Km from the Karwar city)

With its peaceful surroundings, thrilling morning breeze, sparkling ocean waves and undulating sand, Tilmati Beach offers a reviving perspective. Tilmati or the Black Sand Beach is situated in Majali town, 10 km far from Karwar. The uniqueness of this minimal known Beach lies operating at a profit shade of its sand. This stretch of dark sand, spread more than 200 meters, is said to be shaped when the waves hit the basaltic rocks that are moved around there. It is likewise trusted that the Arabian Sea dumps the fine dark sand conveyed by River Kali to this spot. It is exceptionally uncommon to discover such dark grains aggregated just at one specific spot. Majali Beach and Polem Beach that are contiguous this shoreline have ordinary white sand.The sand here looks like dark sesame. At the point when interpreted into Konkani, which is one of the conspicuous dialects in the district, sesame gets to be til and sand gets to be mati, along these lines authoring the name 'Tilmati'.